Research and Strategic Intelligence

strategic intelligence

Action orientated research solutions geared towards
enabling client companies to keep a finger on the pulse,
internally and externally, through strategy creation and


  • External Market Research
  • Internal Business Analysis
  • Organizational Assessment


  • Inspire growth, improvement, innovation & change
  • Create and develop strategy & organization
  • Re-engineer planning and decision making processes

Every Client and research (re)quest is unique.
Together we will tailor the right research solution
for you and your company.


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Communication
  • Corporate/Brand Identity
  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Development


  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Account Development & Planning
  • Customer/Client Centricity
  • Business & Market Development


  • Business Strategy Creation
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Business Planning
  • Expansion (Internationalization & M&A)


  • Business Transformation
  • Organizational Design
  • Change & Development


Assessment for Business & Market Development
Commercial feasibility study; Opportunity Identification, Assessment and Testing:

  • New business/startup
  • New markets
  • New segments
  • New product/service offering
  • New business model

Go to Market Performance Audit
An objective overview of your Corporate/Brand performance i.e.:

  • Corporate/Brand identity (perception)
  • Client/customer satisfaction
  • Market power/competitiveness
  • Sales/marketing/ effectiveness
  • Client/ customer centricity assessment

Commercial Due Diligence
Strategic Business Partnership/Acquisition/Vendor Strategy, Identification and Selection i.e.:

  • Definition of key selection criteria
  • Long & short-listing: Potential partners/acquisition targets
  • Commercial market performance audit
  • Best fit assessment

Market Profiling & Business Environment Scans
Providing a broad view of the world around your business and organization. Tailor-made according to client specifications and research needs i.e:

  • Country/ market/ industry/ product/service scope
  • (Emerging) trends analysis and forecasting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Client & customer centricity analysis


Organizational Assessment for Growth
Is your organization aligned with your growth strategy and ambition? An objective and professional Assessment & Gap Analysis of 'Current to Future State':

  • Organizational Structure
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Management control and reporting systems
  • Marketing & Sales force effectiveness
  • Improvement opportunity / strengths & weaknesses

Objective Project Evaluation
Objective evaluation helps organizations "lift the hood" of strategies, initiatives, programs and projects. A fresh and objective perspective into making organizations and strategies work more effectively:

  • Stakeholder mapping, analysis & strategy
  • Status and impact of the organizations efforts
  • Successes and challenges
  • Improvement opportunities

Strategic Intelligence Audit
Make the most of existing market, business and organizational data and knowledge. Make the needs, availability and gaps of strategic Intelligence within your company transparent:

  • Identification of the intelligence needs
  • An inventory of the available intelligence and its value
  • Identification of expertise and knowledge
  • Identification of the intelligence gaps
  • A review of the use of external intelligence and how it may be used more effectively and efficiently
  • A review of internal intelligence resources, their value and what can be improved
  • A mapping of the intelligence flows and the current bottlenecks within those flows


Make better use of intellectual assets
Make better use of external information
Avoid inefficiencies and duplication
Avoid information overload
Save time and money through efficiencies.

All research engagements and (re)quests are defined by the clients business objectives - not by standard research tools and methodologies.

Bente Andersen has the experience and knowledge to understand your objectives and translate them into a suitable research plan and approach that will address the questions you need to answer - and deliver the results in a timely and cost effective manner.

Bente Andersen incorporates a wide variety of proven research tools and techniques, that can be applied Externally (B2B & B2C market arena) and Internally (business/ organization), to maximize the value of your research investment,


  • In-depth interviews – one-to-one (qualitative)
  • Focus groups (qualitative)
  • Guided brainstorming & workshops
  • Participative observation
  • Surveys (semi-quantitative)
  • Desk research


  • High level in-depth primary research & analysis
  • High level in-depth secondary Research & analysis
  • Psycho-economic research and analysis
  • Commercial-economic research and analysis
  • High complexity data analysis (incl. statistical/economic modeling)

End-to-End Research Project Management
Bente Andersen has apt knowledge of end-to-end research project management, from scoping, requirement gathering, research study architecture, to execution and reporting. Competences include management of both in-house research and research outsourcing to external market research agencies.
Client Centric Approach & Reporting
Market research is too often treated as a "black box" shrouded in mystery. Bente Andersen believes fundamentally in clear and open communication with all clients, giving you access and visibility to every step of the research process.

Bente Andersen reports the findings in the manner you want to receive them: from Quick Intelligence, executive level briefings to In-depth research and data analytics. Bente Andersen is highly experienced in communicating insights and recommendations to decision makers at all levels.

Beyond Traditional Market and Business Research
Bente Andersen goes beyond traditional market and business research capabilities.

She combines the data gathering capabilities of a market research firm with the strategic business analytics and competency of a strategy consulting firm. Providing expertise in applying the information to support strategic decision-making at the highest levels.

Bente Andersen helps you and your company to turn Data, Information and Knowledge into Intelligence and Intelligence into Direction and Action. Please refer to Consulting for an overview of consulting competences and services offered.

Intelligent Growth


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