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Consulting Strategy and Execution

Growth, Intelligence, Action, Direction

Bente Andersen provides action-oriented, flexible and client customized consultancy, based on solid research and inde-
pendent analysis.

Leveraging Business, Organizational and Market Intelligence. Offering key insights to develop Business, Market and Sales Strategies and Operations.

  • Strategy creation & execution
  • Organizational design & alignment
  • Strategic & tactical business planning


INTELLIGENCE    [Research & Analysis]

DIRECTION          [Strategy & Organization]

ACTION                [Planning & Execution]

Bente Andersen combines the data gathering capabilities of
a market research firm with the strategic business analytics
and competency of a strategy consulting firm.

  • Fact-based research and analysis
  • Strategic business and marketing competency
  • Innovative thinking
  • Executive & organizational coaching


Strategic Growth Management

Looking to Grow?

  • Set up a New Business
  • Increase revenue and market share
  • Expand internationally
  • Enter a new market/ segment
  • New product development

Bente Andersen delivers tangible strategies and tactics
to grow your business, supported by the design and
alignment of your leadership team and organization as a whole.

Growth competences and services include:

  • Market/ Business/ Organizational research & analysis
  • Growth strategy creation
  • Business case development and analysis
  • Start-Up business planning development and mentoring
  • Organizational assessment, design, alignment for growth
  • Strategy implementation planning
  • End-to-End project management
  • Executive and organizational coaching

Market & Customer Strategy
Right Market, Right Strategy!

Set Direction! Create new strategies or assess current ones to maximize overall business, market and sales strategy and operational effectiveness and efficiency

  • Market performance audit
  • Business and market strategy development
  • Organizational -assessment, -design/-alignment
  • Customer centricity assessment and strategy
  • Account development strategy & planning
  • Sales force effectiveness and transformation

Dynamic Business Planning
Make your strategy happen, reach your goals and activate your organization by translating your business/marketing strategy into a dynamic and actionable planning system right down to your day-to-day operation:

  • Strategic and tactical business planning development
  • Dynamic business planning organization [design and implementation coaching]
  • Strategic management control & reporting system for dynamic business planning [design and implementation coaching]

Intelligent Strategy & Organization
Create and utilize groundbreaking Strategic IntelligenceDevelop Intelligent strategies and Organization.

What do you and your organization need to know to Grow, Improve, Innovate or Change?

The right knowledge helps you focus on the right strategies. Create and utilize groundbreaking Strategic Intelligence.

  • Strategic intelligence audit
  • Strategic intelligence strategy & planning
  • Design the intelligent organization
  • End-to-End research/intelligence project management
  • Executive and organizational coaching (strategic intelligence resources)

Grounding consultancy in solid research foundations is critical to ensuring success in approach, and sustainability – the basis for Intelligent Growth, Improvement, Innovation and Change. In methodology and approach Bente Andersen applies:

  • Well practiced approach towards getting under the surface
  • Empirically researched and proven tools
  • Coaching mentality and the impartiality position as an external consultant

All organizations are different; One size does not fit all!

Successful strategy and organizational design and transformation [towards improved performance, growth and innovation], requires bespoke solutions, based on solid research. Not off-the-shelf products with a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Bente Andersen offers flexible, client customized consultancy solutions:

  • Ad-hoc arm’s-length consulting (project-by-project/ retainer basis)
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Executive & organizational coaching (One-on-One, in groups)
  • Interim management
  • Contracting
  • Project Management

Please contact Bente Andersen for an open, no-obligation conversation to discuss what approach best matches you requirements and corporate agenda.

Intelligent Growth

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